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cropped-cropped-sherger_logo_rgb-whitebg.jpgSherger Construction is named after our companies' President, Chad Sherger.  Under Chad's direction, the company has achieved many illustrious contracts and projects.  We have done a lot of Calgary Construction

The Mission Statement at Sherger Construction:

"Our mission is to complete every project to the entire satisfaction of our client." 

Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our COR Certification & ISN Networld Contractor Membership.  Our team is lead by industry professionals who know how much safety on the jobsite means to our clients.  You can rest assured knowing you have our safety background, knowledge and preparedness on your project.

Our approach to our projects is detailed in every way.  Our company President wakes up and his day is scheduled from the moment his eyes open.  So it is for every one of the members of our team.  We take our time resource very seriously.  We deal in solutions.  We know that when you spend your money you want serious people, with serious solutions.  We are present and accounted for.  We are ready to work for you.

When you make a decision to hire a Calgary Construction company we want you to talk to us first.  You want you to have all of your options before you look around.  Our experience is that when our clients choose us, it's because they know we have the track record and the skills to handle the job.  Big budgets require big thinkers and action people.  Your project deserves the very best in the business.  Throughout the industry we are known for our remarkable finishing.  Our inspiration every day is to make every project come alive.     

If you have any questions, we want you to contact us.


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Our Commitment to Safety

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