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Construction Calgary area success story – a dream realized

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Construction Calgary guru Chad Sherger, president of Sherger Construction, gave us an interview and some insight into how important it is to execute a Calgary commercial build out with integrity and focus. We also spoke to his clients at the Study to get a feel for their experience during the build.  Sherger Construction was hired by the owners of the Study Spin Barre Yoga studio in Cochrane in order to build a special space for fitness.

Interviewer: What was the size and scope of this project Chad?

Chad “This lease space here is just under 5000 square feet… of undeveloped lease space when we came in here.   We told the clients Brianna and Jordyn that you are looking at a 60 to 90 day build out time. That is with us doing the millwork, plumbing, electrical, flooring, you name it we did everything.”

Interviewer: What was your experience with Sherger Construction like?

Brianna: “We have had kind of a long road with this build out. It’s been quite lengthy and we have some roller coaster moments and Sherger Construction was just great about sticking with us. They made sure everything got completed when we needed it to be completed. They did a really good job of making those hiccups become a little less evident.”

Interviewer: Chad, what would you say are some benefits of having your companies’ kind of experience set?

Chad: There were just so many variables that the girls, as new business owners, weren’t aware of. With our experience, we were able to help them solve the problems, no extra costs.

Interviewer: Jordyn, what has been the highlight for you?

Jordyn: “It’s been a really long road to finally see come up and see all the vision and everything put together it was one of the coolest feelings ever.”

Interviewer: What was special about this job for you?

Chad: “We just finished right at the 90 day mark. We were able to deliver everything on time. Everything went smoothly. At the end of the day you need to be deliver on time and on your budget because people are counting on us to do that.“

Interviewer: Brianna, what has been the best part of the experience?

Brianna: “It’s created a pretty magical vibe when people come up here the first thing they do is kind of take a step back and gasp almost it is really cool to see our vision come together with everybody’s help. Were pretty excited about it.”

“…Sherger Construction was just great about sticking with us. They made sure everything got completed when we needed it to be completed.”

Brianna, Co owner principle, The Studio Spin•Barre•Yoga