About Us – Corporate Profile

A communication company that builds. Our culture of collaboration is founded on our exceptional ability to foster understanding from conception to completion. Our technology-based methodology ensures real-time engagement through every stage of construction resulting in unparalleled efficiency. This ensures your project is designed, built and ready when you need it and the way you want it. This time. Next time. Every time.

We began with a simple idea, create value for our customers by using technology to improve upon traditional methodologies, streamline processes and reduce waste. We look for ways to apply emerging material science and technology to extend the life of current building envelope systems based on our clients need for secure, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

We employ the latest advancements in material science to create a new paradigm for managing building envelope and roofing system restoration. Our low cost, high-efficiency approach to commercial roofing systems has grown beyond the coating and waterproofing segment. Our commitment to communication and engagement allows us to scale quickly to develop methodologies for all construction divisions.

We built on our success as a building envelope and roofing contractor into a full-service general contractor. We have developed in-house expertise that extends to design and engineering. Our team has grown to include professionals with experience in all aspects of construction, material science, finance and project management. We also expanded our bond capacity and safety certification that opened the door to winning and delivering the most sophisticated design-build projects.

The scope and scale of our collective expertise is seldom found outside the halls of publicly traded giants in the industry. We engage the most qualified professionals, sub-trades and master craftsman to create intelligent solutions to the most challenging project demands. Our methodologies deliver efficiencies that result in incredible value and project delivery timelines. At Sherger Construction we build relationships, on time, on budget. This time. Next time. Every time.