Regency Suites Hotel

Building Envelope

The Regency Suites Hotel had an aging exterior. This included deteriorating paint and weathered caulking around the windows. In addition, the old colour scheme was dated and did not reflect the state of the art hospitality the hotel provided to its guests.

PSC – Better Than Paint

A swing stage was used to apply PSC Better Than Paint to the exterior permanently sealing and waterproofing the envelope. This also gave the Hotel a fresh look and new colour scheme. The windows were all recaulked and sealed. This extended their service life thereby avoiding the need for costly replacement.

Swing Stage Certified

Sherger Construction is swing stage certified. We have in-house certified safety officers, fall protection plans and engineering to ensure the safety of your property, guests and our team.

Project Address

610 4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0K1

“We hired Eco Coatings & Exteriors/Sherger Construction to transform the exterior of the Regency suit. This included painting the exterior of the building and caulking all the windows. They worked carefully and did not interfere with the Hotel operations or its guests.

The swing stage was used safely and professionally without incident. The job was done on time and on budget and the entire team was a pleasure to work with. The Regency is pleased to recommend Eco Coatings/Sherger Construction to the hotel industry.”

– Shelley Mcmurray, General Manager – Regency Suites Hotel