Revera Retirement Living

Senior Communities and Care Centres

Sherger Construction has the experience you are looking for when it comes to taking care of the communities and facilities that serve seniors. Whether it be maintaining the exterior with a new roof, paint or window maintenance to a complete remodeling of the interior, Sherger Construction has the discipline and professionalism to carry out the work without interfering with the residents or facility operations.

Revera McKenzie Towne Village

Project scope: Building Envelope Renovation. We are pleased to have recently finished a completely new roof install for Revera at their McKenzie Town Village facility. This included a complete rip and replace of the shingled roof areas as well as new roofs for multiple flat roof areas of the facility and building envelope maintenance.

Revera Chateaux Renoir

Project Scope: Interior Renovation/Redesign. We are currently renovating the interior for Revera at their Chateaux Renoir facility. This project involves removing dated wallpaper, refinishing doors, painting and redesigning public rooms. We created a project-specific system to minimize dust, noise and impact to the residents.

In-House Engineering

Whether your facility requires maintenance, a roof or a complete building envelope renovation, our in-house building envelope specialists and engineering team can spec exactly what you need to ensure the integrity of your building for years to come.

In-House Design

We are pleased to offer our clients access to our in-house design capabilities. From interior design consultation to complete design-build project,  we have the skills to take your project from concept to completion.

Experience with Seniors

We have the conscientious professionalism to work in and around seniors with minimal impact to residents, guests and operations.