Shaganappi Estates

Condo Exterior Renovation

The Shaganappi Estates board faced a number of issues common to ageing structures in Calgary. The exterior had cedar elements that needed to be replaced and a wood structure that needed new paint.

They turned to Sherger Construction to replace all broken and rotten cedar siding, caulk the windows and ashings and paint the entire complex. They were so pleased they expanded the scope of the project to include pouring new driveways, additional repairs and another large painting project.

PSC Better Than Paint

We applied Polymer Science Corporation Elastomeric Better Than Paint, a low gloss, acrylic elastomeric coating. When applied it creates a 20-mil wet film bridging minor surface imperfections, hairline cracks, and offers outstanding durability and lasting protection. This product withstands UV, weathering, fading and rapid freeze-thaw cycles common to our climate.

Project Address

4037 42 Street NW, Calgary, AB T3A 2W2

“The board was so happy with Sherger Construction and our diverse skill set that they have turned several other projects over to us.

This included pouring new driveways, repairs, structural work and another big paint project. We are your one-stop construction solution for all of your construction needs.

Our commitment is on time and on budget every time. I guarantee it.“

– Chad Sherger, President – Sherger Construction Ltd.